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Return Man 3 Unblocked

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Untitled-1You have done in once, you have done it twice, now it is time to test your skills at the next level with Return Man 3 Unblocked. The world’s favorite online American Football game is back with new moves, new challenges and plenty of action to challenge even the most skilled of players. Think you have got what it takes? Let’s see! The game sounds simple enough, you get on the field, grab that ball, run the field and smash it through over the line. But those defenders are ready to take you down and steal that ball. Do you have the agility and reaction time to beat them? You are going to have to use speed and cunning to get ahead in this game. Could you be a contender?
Return Man 3 Unblocked has 15 stages to really challenge you with each stage taking you a little higher up the ladder to glory. How long will you take to conquer all 15 levels? As you progress through the game special moves are there for the taking. Try out juke, stiff arm, afterburner, front flip, ankle breaker, hurdle spin – as their names suggest none are for the faint-hearted and all should be used with caution! And an extra word of warning, their use will cost you in deductions. Is it worth the risk? They may just give you the edge you need to take out the title. Return Man 3 Unblocked comes alive with vibrant graphics for a terrific gaming experience. There’s all the color and sound you’ve come to associate with this great game. You’ll live for the roar of the crowd as you take possession, run and dodge and commit yourself to touchdown.
So let’s play! Line up your favorite quarterback, feel the anticipation build as you get ready to press play and when you do hit that play button you’d better be ready. Let that yellow circle lead you to victory and glory but keep away from those deft defenders – they mean business and if they catch you or get the ball you are going down! Make a mistake and the commentators can also be merciless. Comments like, We just checked and you are actually the one who has to get the ball, not them’ will keep your ego in check and keep you on your toes. Can you take the heat? So what are you waiting for? Get ready to meet the challenge of Return Man 3 Unblocked – see you on the field!

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